Shattered dreams...


Shattered dreams

It was only an illusion

What I believed you felt for me

Say you love me

Say you care

But reality kicks in

And the love really isn't there

Tell me I'm the one you want

Desire to be with

In the end though

It was only a game

Wishful thinking on my part

That I could ever be something

To you, to anyone

Let myself hope and believe

That we could go somewhere

That you truly loved me

But I'm coming to see

That it was all a lie

All in my head

Cry so hard it hurts

Pain beyond words

Broken promises

Shattered Dreams.....

Natasha MJ Spira

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Today I say...

Today I say it as it is The country that is my home Treated my like bloody shit The people are horrid Blasphemous and immoral Just because I am not Italian Does not mean I am without feelings I have a

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