When love touches our hearts...


When love touches our hearts

Our lives change totally

We suddenly realize

Just how special we are

In our darkest hours of despair

Loves shines like the brightest star

We will never really comprehend

How love makes dreams come true

It opens so many hearts

And wonders never cease to exist

Allow yourself to experience that love

Love for each other, for yourself

Find love in your body, soul and mind

Keep it in your heart

It has a neverending source

Loving unconditionally

Your heart fills with more

Let love touch those around you

And the ones that do not care

For only love can break their chains

And set them free of their ways

Love is amazing, soft and caring

Yet there is nothing stronger that can break it

Don't think you can never feel

All the amazing love you can give

You will soon realize

That is how you are supposed to live

We are all amazing

Without love where would we be

Love is a way of living

I made that choice many years ago

I am reaching out to you

Take my hand

Together we will walk

Not in shadows of doubt

But with the light of love shining bright

Loving all those around me

Gives me a reason to live

You are amazing

Let us share this love, unconditionally

Natasha MJ Spira

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